RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring

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RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring. The compact powerhouse at your finger offers the element of surprise in self-defense. Designed to be hidden in your fist, this device ensures that the attacker cannot see what is approaching. Safe and elegant, it is a perfect protector in your daily life.
RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring
Main Features
Compact power pack
Excellent protection, small size. ThunderFist eliminates the hassle of carrying bulky defensive gear. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, it’s the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts, end-of-shift workers, or anyone on a casual hiker.
Innovative Squeeze-N-Stun technology
Experience the future of self-defense. Powered by an astonishing 25,000,000 volts, ThunderFist delivers a powerful deterrent in a small package. A simple push is enough to activate it, making it faster and more reliable than traditional defensive tools.
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The RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring is designed to be worn discreetly and blend seamlessly into your everyday clothing. Its slim, compact shape makes it virtually invisible and ensures you always have an inconspicuous defensive device at your side.
RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring
Always ready, always reliable
The RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring isn’t just for deterrence; he is a reliable ally. It has an integrated charging port that eliminates the need for constant battery changes. The high-quality internal battery stays charged for up to 45 days with minimal use, ensuring your ThunderFist is always ready to go when you need it.
Be prepared, protected and perform with confidence. Your safety is literally in your hands.
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RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring
RICPIND 50M Volt Shield Defender Ring
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