Oveallgo™ MiniDefend Ultra 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun


Important characteristics:
Compared to other larger stun guns, this one packs a stronger blow. Up to 50,000,000 volts of power can be released by it. Less than a second of contact with an attacker will produce muscular contractions and repel them. Its purpose is to give women a portable, concealable, and reliable self-defense weapon that they can employ in an emergency. The ideal approach to increase security without compromising flair in your life.
An attacker may receive a strong electric shock from it. Two parameters are used to measure the electric shock: voltage and amperage. Amperage is the quantity of electric current that travels through the target; voltage is the force that pushes the current through it. readily activated when necessary by just pressing a button in a second. ensuring that you always feel prepared to defend yourself without difficulty from any threats that may arise. The easiest and most reliable way to keep assailants off your sleeves is with this item.The electric shock is stronger at higher voltages and amps. It is safe and lawful to use, and it can swiftly and efficiently render an attacker helpless.
Oveallgo™ MiniDefend Ultra 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun
Because you can simply carry it in your pocket or handbag and use it in an emergency, it might give you a sense of security and confidence while you stroll in the dark. Walking at night can be riskier than walking during the day since there is a greater chance of running into trouble, becoming disoriented, or stumbling over objects. With the aid of these instruments, you can draw attention to yourself or get aid from others while also fending against or evading possible threats.
These little devices, as their name suggests, resemble USBs or keychains and are made to be discreet and easy to carry. Because they can carry the gadget about without drawing too much attention, this is crucial for people who want to safeguard themselves when they’re out in public. For people that walk to and from work or exercise outside, it’s ideal. Furthermore, the stun gun’s concealment feature guarantees that any possible attackers won’t know about it, protecting the user. Additionally, the tiny size of the gadget facilitates quicker mobilization when needed.
Oveallgo™ MiniDefend Ultra 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun
Its design is sturdy and rechargeable. Rechargeable battery and charging cord included for your convenience. No need to buy new batteries. You may charge using a Micro USB charging port on a PC, wall outlet, or automobile charger, saving you money on pricey batteries. If you don’t use the battery, it stays charged for 60 days. Its body is composed of aluminum, which adds to its durability and resistance to wear and tear. You may be certain that your lipstick stun gun will last you a long time with this kind of design.
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Oveallgo™ MiniDefend Ultra 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun
Oveallgo™ MiniDefend Ultra 50.000.000 USB Stun Gun
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